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February 2016 adenine market trend analysis and forecasting

Hangzhou Geecolor Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 03, 2016

Early plateau: this period is close to the Spring Festival holidays and holidays in this period, the overall average price remained at 4775 Yuan/ton. Prices of vitamin B4 in the Northeast at about 4500-4800 Yuan/ton, vitamin B4 bidding in East China 4800-5200 Yuan/ton, vitamin B4 bidding in North China 4500-4800 Yuan/ton.

Boom in the Moon: the return of the Lunar New Year holiday period is generally the third week of February. It is understood that, at the beginning of the third week of February, adenine, the overall average price quotes at 4775 Yuan/ton, the weekend at 4825 Yuan/ton, or 1.05%.

Plateau of the month: primarily for February the fourth week, the return of the Lunar New Year holiday next week, demand starts to smooth overall leveled off. It is understood that the beginning of February the fourth week, adenine, the overall average price in 4825 Yuan/ton, weekend at 4825 Yuan/ton, the steady running.

Summary: adenine in the whole trend in February was "holiday syndrome" the embodiment of seasonal holidays and holidays, all market supply and demand will be reduced overall tend to light. After the return, as manufacturers gradually returning, needs to pick up, the industrial chain under the influence, driving overall are, so the trend is starting to show up. But with the supply and demand to normalize the market overall has leveled off.

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