• Iron Oxide Red
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    Iron Oxide Red

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Red 101, P.R.101, PR101, Color Index 77491, Pigment Red 102, P.R.102, PR102, Fe2O3, Ferric oxide, Iron (III) Oxide Anhydrous 2.C.I. Number: 77491 CAS Number: 1309-37-1 EU Number: 215-168-2 3. Foreign relative brand: AM 125 AX 1000 Ancor FR Ancor FY Auvico AX...
  • Iron Oxide Yellow
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    Iron Oxide Yellow

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 42, P.Y.42, PY42, Ferric oxide Yellow, FERRIC GREEN NO.5605, COMPOUND FERRIC GREEN 2.C.I. Number: 77492 CAS Number: 51274-00-1 EU Number: 257-098-5 Chemical Formula: Fe2O3•H2O or FeOOH 3. Application: As an important inorganic colorant, iron oxide yellow...
  • Iron Oxide Black
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    Iron Oxide Black

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Black 11, P.B.11, PB11 2.C.I. Number: 77499 CAS Number: 12227-89-3 EU Number: 215-168-2 3. Chemical Formula: Fe3O4 or Fe2O3•FeO 4. Application: As an important inorganic colorant, iron oxide black is characterized high opacity, strong tinting strength, easy...
  • Iron Oxide Brown
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    Iron Oxide Brown

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Brown 6, P.B.6, PB 6, Pigment Red 101/ Yellow 42/Black 11 2.C.I. Number: 77491/77492/77499 EU Number:257-870-1 3. Application: Iron Oxide Brown has the following quality features, High Tinting Strength, Clean Shades, Good dispersion, UV Stable, Weather...
  • Iron Oxide Orange
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    Iron Oxide Orange

    ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ 1.Synonyms: Pigment Red 101/ Yellow 42, 2.C.I. Number: 77491/77492 3. Application: Iron produced by blending orange iron oxide red and yellow blending a mixture of iron oxide, has a good paint Yen features such as color strength, hiding power are high. Has good...
  • Compound Ferric Gree
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    Compound Ferric Gree

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow42/Blue15:3, IRON OXIDE GREEN 2.C.I. Number: 77492/74160 3. Application: Composite iron green (Iron oxide green) is a composite pigment that coupling by iron oxide yellow and organic pigment with a variety of additives. It has bright color and high tinting...
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