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  • Pigment Yellow 12
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    Pigment Yellow 12

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 12, P.Y.12, PY12, Yellow 12, Diarylide Yellow AAA, Benzidine Yellow G 2.C.I. Number: 21090 CAS Number: 6358-85-6 EU Number: 228-787-8 Chemical Family: Disazo 3.Foreign relative brand: 10S Yellow 12(A73-1846)(SNA) ADC Yellow G (ADCL) Alkyd...
  • Pigment Yellow 13
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    Pigment Yellow 13

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 13, P.Y.13, PY13, Yellow 13, Diarylide Yellow AAMX, Permanent Yellow BRXL, Permanent Yellow GR 2.C.I. Number: 21100 CAS Number: 5102-83-0 EU Number: 225-822-9 Chemical Family: Disazo 3. Foreign relative brand: Alkyd F lush(A75-2810)(SNA) Amarelo Sinterdye...
  • Pigment Yellow 14
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    Pigment Yellow 14

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 14, P.Y.14, PY14, Yellow 14, Diarylide Yellow AAOT, Permanent Yellow 2GS 2.C.I. Number: 21095 CAS Number: 5468-75-7 EU Number: 226-789-3 Chemical Family: Disazo 3. Foreign relative brand: 1270Diarylide Yellow AAOT Toner(ENGH) Aquarine Yellow 2G(TTC)...
  • Pigment Red 48:2
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    Pigment Red 48:2

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Red 48:2, P.R.48:2, PR48:2, Red 48:2, Fast Brilliant Red BBC, Fast Brilliant Red BBC-S, Fast Red 2BP, Fast Red BBC, Fast Red 2BXL, Calcium Red 2B, Permanent Red BB 2.C.I. Number: 15865:2 CAS Number: 7023-61-2 EU Number: 230-303-5 Chemical Family: Mono azo 3....
  • Pigment Red 49:1
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    Pigment Red 49:1

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Red 49:1, P.R.49:1, PR49:1, Red 49:1, Lithol Scarlet R-W, Lithol Red(Barium) 2.C.I. Number: 15630:1 CAS Number: 1103-38-4 EU Number: 214-160-6 Chemical Family: Mono azo 3. Foreign relative brand: Irgalite Red LBO (CIBA) Symuler Red 3016 (DIC) lithol Red R (NBIE)...
  • Pigment Red 53:1
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    Pigment Red 53:1

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Red 53:1, P.R.53:1, PR53:1, Red 53:1, Red Lake C(Barium), Fast Lake Red C 2.C.I. Number: 15585:1 CAS Number: 5160-02-1 EU Number: 225-935-3 Chemical Family: Mono azo 3. Foreign relative brand: GARAPHTOL Red LC (CLAR) Irgalite Red CBNL (CIBA) Epsilon Red LB-026...
  • Pigment Red 57:1
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    Pigment Red 57:1

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Red 57:1, P.R.57:1, PR57:1, Red 57:1, Lithol Rubine(Calcium), Lithol Rubine 4BL, Lithol Rubine 4BGL, Lithol Rubine WB, Lithol Rubine WY, Lithol Rubine 4BP, Lithol Rubine BK, Garmine Red A6B 2.C.I. Number: 15850:1 CAS Number: 5281-04-9 EU Number: 226-109-5...
  • Pigment Orange 13
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    Pigment Orange 13

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Orange 13, P.O.13, PO13, Orange 13, Fast Orange G, Pyrazolone Orange, Permanent Orange G 2.C.I. Number: 21110 CAS Number: 3520-72-7 EU Number: 222-530-3 Chemical Family: Disazo 3. Foreign relative brand: Viscofil Orange GG (CLAR) Hostasin Orange G (CALR) Pollux...
  • Pigment Yellow 1
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    Pigment Yellow 1

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 1, Hansa Yellow, Fast Yellow G, P.Y.1, PY1, Yellow 1,Y1 2.C.I. Number: pigment yellow 1 CAS Number: 2512-29-0 EU Number: 219-730-8 Chemical Family: Mono azo 3. Foreign relative brand: AzoYellow GX(ROL) ADC Pigment Yellow G (ADCL) 1104 Yellow G(DCC)...
  • Pigment Yellow 3
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    Pigment Yellow 3

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 3, P.Y.3, PY3, Yellow 3, Fast Yellow 10G, Hansa Yellow 10G, Arylide Yellow 10G 2.C.I. Number: 11710 CAS Number: 6486-23-3 EU Number: 229-355-1 Chemical Family: Mono azo 3. Foreign relative brand: 1210 Sunglow Yellow 10G(ENGH) Acosil Yellow 3(PRC) Aquarine...
  • Pigment Yellow 74
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    Pigment Yellow 74

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 74, P.Y.74, PY74, Yellow 74, Hansa Yellow 5GX, Arylide Yellow GY, Fast Yellow OP, Brilliant Yellow 5GX-OP 2.C.I. Number: 11741 CAS Number: 6358-31-2 EU Number: 228-768-4 Chemical Family: Mono azo 3. Foreign relative brand: 1233 Sunglow Yellow (ENGH) 1236...
  • Pigment Yellow 83
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    Pigment Yellow 83

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Yellow 83, P.Y.83, PY83, Yellow 83, Diarylide Yellow HR, Permanent Yellow HR, Benzidine Yellow HR 2.C.I. Number: 21108 CAS Number: 5567-15-7 EU Number: 226-939-8 Chemical Family: Disazo 3. Foreign relative brand: 1242 Yellow HR (DCC) Chromofine Yellow...
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With the aid of wide experience and expertise, Geecolor Chemical, a China leading manufacturer of quality pigment & dyes, trades and exports quality organic pigment at competitive price. Our organic pigment comes in good resistance against heat, water, acid, oil, and alkali. Should you are looking for it, please be free to contact our factory.

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