• Pigment Violet 1
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    Pigment Violet 1

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Violet 1, P.V.1, PV1, Violet 1, Rhodamine B(PTMA), Fast Violet Toner, Fast Violet Lake B 2.C.I. Number: 45170:2 CAS Number: 1326-03-0 EU Number: 215-413-3 Chemical Family: Xanthene 3. Foreign relative brand: Everbright Fast Lake B 3293 (SHIE) Fast Botan Lake...
  • Pigment Violet 3
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    Pigment Violet 3

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Violet 3, P.V.3, PV3, Violet 3, Methyl Violet(PTMA), Fast Violet Lake 3, Fast Violet Toner R 2.C.I. Number: 42535:2 CAS Number: 1325-82-2/68989-19-5 EU Number: 273-548-3 Chemical Family: Miyoshi methane 3. Foreign relative brand: Everbright Fast Violet Lake 6240...
  • Pigment Violet 23
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    Pigment Violet 23

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Violet 23, P.V.23, PV23, Violet 23, Carbazol Violet, Dioxazine Violet, Permanent Violet RL 2.C.I. Number: 51319 CAS Number: 6358-30-1 EU Number: 228-767-9 Chemical Family: Dioxaxine 3. Foreign relative brand: Cartaren Violet BLN (CLAR) Aritint Violet 23(ARI)...
  • Pigment Violet 27
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    Pigment Violet 27

    1.Synonyms: Pigment Violet 27, P.V.27, PV27, Violet 27, Basoflex Violet 6140,Crystal Violet CFA,Violet Toner 2.C.I. Number:42535:3 CAS Number: 12237-62-6 EU Number: 235-468-7 Chemical Family: triphenylmethane 3. Foreign relative brand:Basoflex Violet 6140(BASF)
With the aid of wide experience and expertise, Geecolor Chemical, a China leading manufacturer of quality pigment & dyes, trades and exports quality pigment violet at competitive price. Our pigment violet comes in good resistance against heat, water, acid, oil, and alkali. Should you are looking for it, please be free to contact our factory.

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