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  • Solvent Green 3
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    Solvent Green 3

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Green 3, S.G.3, SG3 2.C.I. Number: 61565 CAS Number: 128-80-3 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Amaplast Green OZ Amarsol GreenQG Fatsol Green G Kenawax Green GSP Naviplast Green 5BP Oil Blue KS Arlosol Green B Waxoline Green G FW...
  • Solvent Green 5
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    Solvent Green 5

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Green 5, S.G.5, SG5 2.C.I. Number: 59075 CAS Number: 79869-59-3 Chemical Family: Bei series 3. Foreign relative brand: AP Green 5 Fluorol Green Golden 084 Kenawax Gluorescent Yellow FGGP Keyplast Fluorescent Yellow Green 7G Thermoplast F Yellow 084 Oil...
  • Solvent Green 28
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    Solvent Green 28

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Green 28,S.G.28, SG28 2.C.I. Number: 625580 CAS Number: 71839-01-5 Chemical Family: Bei series 3. Foreign relative brand: AP Green 28 Kenawax Green 5GSP Keyplast Green G Macrolex Green G Permalex Green GL Sandoplast Green G 4. Shade: The product is bright green...
  • Solvent Violet 13
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    Solvent Violet 13

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Violet 13,S.V.13, SV13, Alizurine Purple SS, Disperse Blue 72, Solvent Blue 90 2.C.I. Number: 60725 CAS Number: 81-48-1 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Sandoplast Violet RSB Permalex Violet B Neop;as Violet B D&C Violet NO.2...
  • Solvent Violet 31
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    Solvent Violet 31

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Violet 31,S.V.31, SV31, 2.C.I. Number: 61102 CAS Number: 70956-27-3 Chemical Family:anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Diaresin Violet D [W] Permalex Violet RR-B Sumiplast Violet RR Solvent Violet RR 4. Shade: The product is reddish bright violet...
  • Solvent Violet 36
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    Solvent Violet 36

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Violet 36,S.V.36, SV36 2.C.I. Number: Solvent Violet 36 CAS Number: 61951-89-1 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Kayaset Violet A-R Macrolex Violet 3R Macro-lex Violet 3R[W] Oil Violet 36 Polymer Violet 3R Solvent Blue SWS[U] 4....
  • Solvent Violet 59
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    Solvent Violet 59

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Violet 59,S.V.59, SV59, Disperse Violet 31 2.C.I. Number: 62025 CAS Number: 6408-72-6 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: AP Violet 59 Neop;as Violet HBL Oil Violet R Permalex Violet R Rosaplast Violet E 613 Sandoplast Red Violet R...
  • Solvent Yellow 14
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    Solvent Yellow 14

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Yellow 14, S.Y.14, SY14, Sudan I, Disperse Yellow 97, Oil yellow 1010 2.C.I. Number: 12055 CAS Number: 842-07-9 3. Foreign relative brand: Fat Orange R 01 Somalia Orange GR Oil orange R Sudan orange 220 4. Shade: orange transparent oil solvent dye, it is of good...
  • Solvent Yellow 16
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    Solvent Yellow 16

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Yellow 16, S.Y.16, SY16 2.C.I. Number: 12700 CAS Number: 4314-14-1 Chemical Family: Mono azo series 3. Foreign relative brand: Fat Yellow 3G Sudan Yellow 146 Oil Yellow 16 Waxol Yellow 4R 4. Shade: a yellow oil solvent dye with bright green. It is of good heat...
  • Solvent Yellow 21
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    Solvent Yellow 21

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Yellow 21, S.Y. 21, SY21, Acid Yellow 59, Acid Yellow 161, Acid Yellow 118 2.C.I. Number: 18690 CAS No: 5601-29-6 Chemical Family: Monoazo series, Metal Complex 3. Foreign relative brand: Zapon Fast Yellow R Oil Yellow 2G Filamid Yellow R Zapon Yellow 156 4....
  • Solvent Yellow 28
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    Solvent Yellow 28

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Yellow 28, S.Y.28, SY28, Lacquer Yellow VR, Oil Yellow GS 2.C.I. Number: 20010 CAS Number: 5844-01-9 Chemical Family: AZO series 3. Foreign relative brand: Dayglo solvent Yellow 28 Oil Yellow GS[W] Oilsol Yellow GS 4. Shade:yellow to orange (mineral oil). 5....
  • Solvent Yellow 33
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    Solvent Yellow 33

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Yellow 33, S.Y.33, SY33, Quinoline Yellow 2.C.I. Number: 47000 CAS Number: 8003-22-3 Chemical Family: quinoline series 3. Foreign relative brand: Oil Lemon Yellow 4G Waxoline Yellow T Neoplas Yellow BG Permalex Yellow 33 4. Shade:The product is light greenish...
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With the aid of wide experience and expertise, Geecolor Chemical, a China leading manufacturer of quality pigment & dyes, trades and exports quality solvent dyes at competitive price. Our solvent dyes comes in good resistance against heat, water, acid, oil, and alkali. Should you are looking for it, please be free to contact our factory.

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