• Solvent Blue 5
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    Solvent Blue 5

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Blue 5, S.B.5, SB5 2.Product name: C.I. Number: 42595:1 CAS No: 1325-86-6 Chemical Family: Triphenylmethane series 3.Foreign relative brand: Solvent Blue BO Victoria Pure Blue BO Base Oil Blue 613 Orient Oil Blue 603 4. Shade: Blue powder. 5. Solubility in Organic...
  • Solvent Blue 35
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    Solvent Blue 35

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Blue 35, S.B.35, SB35, Fat Blue B 2.Product name: C.I. Number: 61554 CAS Number: 17354-14-2 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Fat Blue 35 Roasplast Blue 635NM Sudan Blue 670 Neoplas Blue B Dayglo Solvent Blue 35 KPSolve Blue IR Fat Blue B 01 4....
  • Solvent Blue 36
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    Solvent Blue 36

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Blue 36, S.B.36, SB36, Disperse Blue 134 2.Product name: C.I. Number: 61551 CAS Number: 14233-37-5 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Sumiplast Blue OA Youhao Oil Blue AP 20045 Arlasol Blue A Aviation Oil Blue AP Indasol Blue A Oplas Blue 630 4....
  • Solvent Blue 70
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    Solvent Blue 70

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Blue 70, S.B.70, SB70, Blue 2606;Duasyn Blue A-G-VP 279;Kayaset Blue K-FL;Neo Super Blue C 555;Neopen Blue 807;Neopen Blue 808;Neozapon Blue 807;Neozapon Blue FLE; Oleosol Fast Blue EL; Oleosol Fast Blue GL; Orient B 2.Product name: C.I. Number: Solvent Blue 70 CAS No:...
  • Solvent Blue 97
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    Solvent Blue 97

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Blue 97, S.B.97, SB97, Macrolex Blue RR, Macrolex Blue RR Gran 2.C.I. Number: 615290 CAS Number: 61969-44-6 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Oil Blue 613 Victoria Pure Blue BO Base Victorai Pure Blue BO Base Akasol Victoria Pure...
  • Solvent Blue 104
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    Solvent Blue 104

    1.Synonyms: Solvent Blue 104,S.B.104, SB104 2.Product name: C.I. Number: 61568 CAS Number: 116-75-6 Chemical Family: anthraquinone series 3. Foreign relative brand: Uniplas Blue 104 Polysynthren Blue RBL Keyplast Blue KR Neoplas Blue G Oil Blue 104 AP Blue 104 Rosaplast Blue BR 4. Shade:Blue 5....
With the aid of wide experience and expertise, Geecolor Chemical, a China leading manufacturer of quality pigment & dyes, trades and exports quality solvent dyes blue at competitive price. Our solvent dyes blue comes in good resistance against heat, water, acid, oil, and alkali. Should you are looking for it, please be free to contact our factory.

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